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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Vacation ruined me...LOL

Also I got a cricut, NEED I say more? www.cricut.com it is the best thing ever for scrapbooking and journaling. I love it. So lot's of time spent on ebay looking/bidding on auctions for the wonderful cartridges to go with my cricut. It's so much fun. 
Then I began a really exciting class at BigPictures.com . I joined in the big pictures festival. It was really fun and made me spend the 30 - 6o mins daily to participate.The title of the book we created was "Words to live by".  Each day a new teacher,there were 12 that participated. That day the selected teacher would give a new word. Then I or the classmate would create a scrapbook layout cooresponding to what that particular word meant to them. For instance, LOVE, create a scrapbook page with that word in it and then you would upload it to the classroom gallery for all others to see. Each day sponsers would giveaway a prize for the one that was selected the winner. It was a lot of fun. I enjoyed so much and it really made me prioritize my time to sit and create and accomplish some crafty goodness. 
When it ended after the 12 days I was looking for something to do next. I like the whole checking in and making myself be accountable to be creative. I want to but some days it's so easy to push it aside because other things come up and I don't have the chance to do it. 
I was searching around the internet and browsing other websites for different kids of classes. Looking for a new one .I very excited found this website..www.paperrelics.com that is where I found my next class ! It's on lettering ! It begins today. However I believe you can still register and there are other great classes offered  if this one doesn't.appeal to you.Go to the website and check it out ! I am going to post a link button so you can click that and take a look. Also look for the bigpictures button as well ! Hope everyone has a great day ! Summer is coming to an end all too soon. Go outside and enjoy it before it's over and the weather changes rapidly into Fall. Love & light, sweet

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