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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Another School Year comes to an End !

This is the last week of school for my kids, and for a lot of others around the world. Some of you have children that are already out,some of you are have children that go to school on the year round system, and some of you are home schoolers. So since we are all on the verge of Summer fun , I thought I'd take the time to post some ideas that I'd recently come across on the internet for Great Graduation gifts for your Graduate or a Friend.
 Also show some of the top summer fun tips that should give you a head start on things to do with your children this summer...Also some summer organizing that will help you out so you aren't always "looking" for that missing X item...that the kids can't find
Here we go !
Top Graduation Gifts that I have found and that I am actually going to give to  some Graduates this year. (We do not have any children graduating this year, but next year we will have two ! One High school student, and one Junior High. ) Two parties, twice the fun!
Top Cool gifts for Grads !

  • A personalized photo frame, for the graduate to display their "receiving the diploma" ! A place to shop for this *ThingsRemembered.com
  • How about a personalized Rubix's cube ! check it out at *Personalizationmall.com
  • A great photo Album ,  one already put together of all things highschool/or college ! Or just one that is ready for the Graduate to place all their photos ! Have it engraved on the front , along with the year ! 
  • I really love photos that are printed  on to canvas. Or have a personalized  poem or saying on a canvas that can be used when the graduate goes of to college. *personalizationmall.com
  • Dorm room appliances- furniture or just gift cards to these stores where the graduate can pick out what they need or want the most.
  • How about a Year's worth of coupons/gift cards for recreational things, such as the movies. 
  • A gas card would be priceless since the cost of gas is so crazy. This way the graduate can come home and visit when they get home sick, or need their laundry washed !
  • Custom engraved jewelry is another great choice. Or a engraved watch !
  • Of course, every student would love to have their own laptop. How about a wireless card or router if they already own the laptop !
  • A laundry basket full of towels,sheets,and other personal items you know they won't buy for themselves.
  •  Also any creative way to give good ole' cash. A photo frame with cash inside- a lei necklace with bills tied to the lei, all the way around it. How about dollar bills  folded into flowers and slipped onto wires to place into a flower pot ! 
  • PopTarts are every college grads breakfast,snack,or late night dinner. Go to poptarts.com and place your order for a year subscription. Each month the recipient will receive a seasonal box of pop tarts in the mail ! I love this idea !
  • Over the door Closet organizer for the dorm room, fill all those pockets with all types of goodies the grad will need. Such as Kleenex, cleaning supplies, batteries, snacks, flash light,shampoo, soap,air freshener and so on.
  • How about a gift card for a fast food  place that is close by with in walking distance.
  • A bicycle is a great choice.
  • What about a cookbook like, 101 things to do with Ramen Noodles. Or how to avoid the freshmen 15.
  • Gift cards for clothes is always a winner !
  • A new bookshelf would be great. 
  • A IOU for college books ! these are outrageous ,and any graduate will love you for this one.
  • a laundry bag with the wash soap & fabric sheet softeners to go with it.
  • a dry cleaning gift card
  • A filled shower  organizer tote, if the dorm rooms have shared shower areas. 
  • A wall map of their new town, a folder put together of all things close by that they might find interesting or helpful. A packet of restaurants that deliver , business' that the person would find useful. A park where they can go outside to study. Etc. *Remember they are going to be in a new town and everything is new.* Add in a bus pass if the town has a good public transportation, most college towns do !
  • And of course, one last thought on a gift that gives all through the year for your favorite graduate is a "care package a month". You will have just as much fun putting this together as the graduate will receiving it each month ! Inside you can do theme's that coincide to the month/holiday. Such as Oct- Halloween, Dec christmas- and so on. each month they will not only enjoy this, but most likely they will really need some of the things you put inside ! 
I hope all of you have great graduations, Parties, and get together's.  Happy Summer to all of you too !
Next up is my ideas on things to do with your children this summer so they aren't running around saying their bored ! *Stay tuned !


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