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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I will stay positive, I promise.

*I will stay positive I promise I will.* This has been what I've been telling myself as I have tried to get back into the blogging zone. Now don't get me wrong. I love to blog, I enjoy it so much, I love reading everyone else's blogs too !  There is just something about it. It's like a sneek peek into people's private diaries ! So fun, and interesting. I am very much into people and what they do and why they do it. I did major in criminal justice after all ! No joke. However I do not have a degree in it at all, and went the opposite direction of life.
What I am trying to say is that blogging is enjoyable in so many different aspects and why people do it comes down to pretty basic reasons, to share,to teach,to talk,to get feed back, and to socialize with others. This is what is causing me grief. Now, I know that I am new to the blog world. I also know I have tried to blog many times in the past but got the discouraging feeling like I am now and gave up. I came to frustrated and felt like I was just talking to myself and I surely didn't need to put in the time to blog to myself ! LOL. But that is exactly what it felt like. So needless to say in the past at this point I just would delete the blog and for get about it. I also posted a goodbye on it just to see if anyone would say "sorry to see you go" or thanks for fill in the blank, etc" I left the post up before canceling the blog for 1 month and NEVER got 1 response to it. So that really told me no one was reading and NO one really cared if I had a blog or not. Let's face it too, there are tons of blogs and all of them are covering the same topics in that particular category just maybe a different type of view point or perspective.
Okay so I am at that same point again. very down about it. I think my vacation let me get out of the "I've got to blog about XYZ". So I now have two choices , 1.. continue to blog and try to grow my blog. (My direction is simple and my blog isn't about just 1 specific topic, it's a general "life" blog about things from my perspective and what I'm doing, and wanting to share with others."

I feel that in my 40 years of life I have gained some knowledge about things  that gives me the ability to be able to share them with others. I am college educated with a degree in early childhood education, a licensed Manicurist-graduated Beauty school.I am a Mother to 3 and a stepmom to 2. I am a military wife married to my high school sweetheart. I am also a multicrafter, reader, cook, a X stampin up! Demonstrator, love this product but got to busy to continue it and also faced a move , a scrapbooker, a art journalor, sometimes really picky about my house, I do not like clutter in my house or my life. I can't function with it . It feels like cow webs that take over my brain when I have to work and live with clutter so I am always decluttering my house.
So I do have a lot of useful information to share with others. You come and join me on my blog journey as I share with others (you) all things sweet in life, and all things crafty !
Much Love always~ T


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