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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

If you have Daughters, you have to check this out !

Thanks to Modern Mama's blog http://modmamasfabfaves.blogspot.com/ I have found a remarkable product that I am going to buy for my daughters the next time I get to target. *Fingers crossed that Target carries this product, I'm not sure.* This is a dream come true for our young girls that want to have a myspace or facebook account but as parents we don't allow it because we are worried for their safety ! This product is genius ! With this product you can allow your girls to "HANGOUT" online with their girlfriends, you can allow them to post their special pictures of themselves and things they do, all without the worry of crazies stalking them. The way this product works is that each young girl purchases the product. Inside the product which is a USB key, it comes with a secret code number. The girls give one another their secret code for their friends to belong to the same "hangout" cafe online. So only people that are invited can come into the group. This company has it's own cyberchat area with it's personal homepages that the girls use. I do not own this product yet, I'm just assuming from what I have read that this is how the product will work. So if I'm not completely accurate , please forgive me. However when I do purchase this product for my daughters I will come back and give a complete product review. Thanks again so much for Modern Mama's Blog bringing this to my attention. I'm very excited.

My Secret Circle for Tweens + {{GIVEAWAY}}
If you heard the phrase "secure social networking for girls", would your curiosity be peaked? Mine was. I personally LOVE Facebook. Twitter is kind of cool too. Myspace was very appealing to me when it first came out even though it's lost it's flavor quite a bit (for me). But, I'm an adult. I'm not sure I'd want my tween girls on there though.
Did you know that 25% of 8-15 year olds have strangers as friends on their social networking page and 20% of those admit to meeting a stranger they encountered online?! Just this week alone I received 2 random friend requests on Facebook. Umm, no thanks! Way too many crazies out there.To address the huge online safety concern facing our youth, gaming and entertainment leader, Senario, has created the first-ever secure socially networking world specifically for girls ages 8-12. My Secret Circle is a new plug-‘n-play product that allows girlfriends to hang out online, chat, share pictures and play games—all with mom’s approval.By purchasing online access keys (USB keys) featuring proprietary technology with embedded browsers and unique ID codes, only friends can connect on My Secret Circle by exchanging private codes. Best of all, it’s invisible to the online world, so the child is not exposed to ads and strangers that are present on most major social networking sites.
Basically how it works is you buy the program, which comes in the form of a flash drive, and each person has their own secret "code" for the My Secret Circle. After generating your code, you print the code out on a small piece of paper and place it in a tiny capsule called a "charm". Then, you exchange the charm with another My Secret Circle user in person. And that's where it differs from "big kid" social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook. In order to share your MSC profile with another MSC user, you have to exchange charms in person, which is supposed to eliminate the predatory aspect that sometimes comes with social networking sites.
It has all the fun features of other social networking sites like sharing pics, notes, interests, etc. You can even buy a headset that allows you to talk to your friends, voice-over-internet-style, just like Skype!
Other key features of My Secret Circle include All-About-Me profile pages with a Diva Designer avatar tool, an online journal that can be kept private or public for friends to read, instant messaging, games and an extensive photo feature in which girls can upload photos, add text and d├ęcor and even create slideshows.My Secret Circle access keys can be purchased individually($19,.99) or in a B.F.F. (best friend forever) Pack ($29.99), which includes two online access keys, to shared among friends or siblings. What a perfect birthday gift idea!
One lucky reader is going to receive an idividual My Secret Circle Pack. To ENTER please follow these simple instructions:
US & Canadian Residents Only
Contest will run from Monday, July 6 through Sunday, July 12. Winner will be chosen via random.org and will be posted on Monday, July 13.
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  1. Oh, that is coool! Thanks so much for sharing. I had seen or heard of this prior to your post. My youngest is a singleton girl and she's at that age.

  2. This is such a great idea! I saw/heard about this on the news this morning. With all the crazies out there this is perfect for tweens/teenagers!