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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summer time Boundries

Okay here it goes, my blog on the spot. My middle son pictured in the above picture with his wonderful step dad (my darling husband) was taken last Jan. right after Christmas, which was why both of them were sporting their brand new raider football pj's made from Nana as a gift ! Okay so with all that said, and background given for the picture, here is the reason for this on the spot say it like it is post ! Which was prompted by my middle son saying, "why mom, why do I have to turn off the video game and go to bed? It's only 11pm and I have no where I have to go in the morning." Mom, "Nope, you've played long enough son, now hop into bed". *(Mom wishing it would all go so easily and my darling boy would just say okay mom, I love you and thanks for letting me play my video games all day and thanks for not making me do any chores, oh and by the way, I loved what you made for dinner, you rock mom !)

Nope what I got was, a huge shrug of the shoulders and a huge sigh...followed by "Man, mom come on, I'll play it quietly." Mom, thinking that son has played this video game and others for about a total of 10 hours (approx) and please I know it's too much so don't leave me a comment stating how bad of a mom I am for allowing it....ok. I know my almost 15 yr old should be doing some other activities other than video games all day long. However, I can some how justify it with these thoughts. Listen, really ....
  1. it's really hot here in California valley. Temps are in triple digits and our air quality has been horrible. My son does have asthma after all.
  2. um, mom doesn't want to fork out cash for son and friends to go to the movies, mall, pizza place, or any of those hanging out places and mom doesn't want to go out in the triple digits temps to leave the house to take said son to do those things.
  3. It's really hot here
  4. what else do teens do beside play games on the game stations, listen to music, watch TV/movies, and talk on their phones (cell phones mind you?)
  5. Again mom doesn't want to fork out cashola and doesn't wanna drive child anywhere.
  6. So mom was lazy and let child play video games all day. Except once dad came home from work and took the boys to our neighbors house to swim for about 1 hour after dinner. I forgot that said child did manage to get in about 60 mins of swimming aerobic activity ! Hey If I keep talking I feel better about this !

Alright, so the child isn't tired at 11:00 pm because he hasn't been doing anything at all. Mind you Mom has been very busy with the other 3 little ones in the house and 2 neighbor girls that she allowed to sleep over , what was mom thinking? Oh and Mom was busy all day getting everything ready for the garage sale she is having this weekend.

Now, mom is being very firm (all the while pleading in her mind) with child, that you are going to go to bed now it is 11:oo pm and it's time for sleep. Then son hits mom with another request since he knows mom is not going to give in to anymore video game playing tonight ! Mom took video games to her room, son know he can't even sneak them ! Son says,"mom can I just watch a little TV til big brother gets home from his date."? Mom, "nope I said it's bedtime". No TV ! Son rolls eyes, marches away from mom's bedroom, sighing. I didn't even get to watch TV today, gosh.

Mom laughs to herself, and thinks....... "Man, I'm a mean mom".

Which brings me to the moral of the story. What is appropriate summer time rules in your home with teens ? Or what were the rules in the summer when you were growing up. I think that the mid teen age is tough. They aren't babies anymore but don't have much freedom either. Especially when they share a bedroom with their baby brother. He can't stay up all night long but I do need to give in to some of his requests about why can't he stay up past 11:00 pm on a NON SCHOOL night.

I can't wait to hear what your rules where when you were a teen, or what your teens rules are now. Thanks for listening to my on the spot blog post.


  1. I don't have a teen yet! My mom was pretty lenient when I was a teen. She let me get away with a lot.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier in the week for my special SITS day.

  2. I have no teens. :-) But I do have an opinion! Living in Florida, I quite often feel lazy and constantly find myself saying, "I SHOULD be doing _______." But it's HOT! I totally understand why you let him sit and play video games all day. It's the same reason I sit here on my computer all day. Going outside and being active just isn't an option when it's 95 degrees! And even though the AC cuts the heat some, the humidity is killer inside and out.

    Let the kid play video games, as long as he doesn't sass about when it's bedtime. They work so hard during the year! And take some time to veg out yourself, mom. Because you'll be running around with them as long as school starts!

  3. Thanks for stopping by.... definately try the cookies. I want to see them when you make them. Oh the teenage years. I made mine form a map for a day long bike hike. They packed their lunch, mapped their route, both had cell phones and what they wanted to do on their bike trip. They always looked forward to it and spent a week or two planning it.


    P.S. They didn't know it but I followed them in the car from a distance...... the reason for the map!!!!

  4. I have a 14 year-old and face the same problem. I don't worry about it as much as his Dad. I'd rather have him home playing video games than doing -God- knows what elsewhere! And we lighten way up when school starts! Love Cynthia's comment. By the way, you won a contest at Eat Your Veggies. As soon as you send me a mailing address, I'll get your prize out to you.

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