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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Zenses revitalizes the Sense's !

I have just discovered the great advantages for owning a personal pocket gaming system ! Now my kids, especially the boys have owned a pocket gaming system of some kind since they were old enough to hold one in their hands ! In fact my oldest son asked for his first game boy on the Christmas that he turned 4 years old. When he received the gift from his Nana and Pappy, he was thrilled. He loved it. I never once picked it up. Never once did I ever think that I would enjoy sitting and playing a hand held pocket electronic game !

As years passed so did their interest in whatever was the newest, neatest, fastest, trendier version that the game marketers were pushing into the hands of little boys and girls everywhere. They would ask for these game systems on birthdays, Christmas', and then ask for new games on other related holidays ! They have manged to rack up quite a bit of gaming systems and games .

We now one 4 game boys (original) 2 game boys that are the second edition but sold at a garage sale with the games not too long ago ! Now we have 4 DS game systems, and 2 PSP sony playstation portables. Yes we have some what of an obsession of these games !

All the kids play these and even my husband plays them. He is in the US ARMY National Guard and when he goes away for training will take it with him to enjoy on his personal time and to play just before bed. Just a little something to do while away.

Still it never has occurred to me to pick up one of these and try playing a game. Basically none of the games have ever drew in my attention. However all of a sudden before Christmas it began to dawn on me that while I am running errands , sitting at appointments etc I could pack this great little machine in my handbag and have it to relax and play when I had a few minutes to spare. I also Began to notice that the Gamers were beginning to market new games to women, to moms, to adults !!! Wow, I was impressed and thought this is great. No wonder the kids love this little machine, it is so portable handy and easy to bring along while you are doing anything away from home.

I have began to pick up one of the DS gameboys now and often carry it in my handbag. I have even purchased two brand new games that I am enjoying.
* Old school board games - it has connect 4, trouble, sorry, and battleship ! I love this one.
* New York times crossword puzzles- this is fun, and mind titillating.
Ones I'd like to buy in the near future:
*Zense's Ocean
*Zense's Rain forest !

I have checked out the games on Youtube and Enjoyed the wonderful example show casing what these games are all about and how you play the little mind relaxing games. What is really cool is that they have relaxation music that plays to your sense's. The ocean one has ocean sounds, wind, waves, birds, etc. You can easily close your eyes and escape right to the beach, with you feet in the sand, the sun on your face, and the wind blowing your hair. The rain forest one is also like this with the relaxation sounds. The rain forest has the effect of being in a rain forest hearing the birds, the drips of water after a rain, during a rain, animal sounds etc. Really cool !!! Plus on top of all that great relaxing mind escaping sound effects you get to play great little mind bending games that help stimulate your brain power ! I'm excited to buy the Ocean one next and begin a little private beach journey, anytime, anywhere and without the expense of the travel.

Now if you do not own one of these machines and your children do not own any either. I highly advice you to pick one up at a game store, they also do resale of the systems, games etc at some of them. So go check that out ! Purchasing one is worth the cost. You will always have a little something to do while waiting ~! Enjoy.

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