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Monday, June 22, 2009

We hit the road and drove to the CITY !

We hit the hwy and drove into the city yesterday ! It was father's day and it was a beautiful day of play ahead ! First of all we packed our ice chest full of soda's , treats , and snacks to munch on through out the day. I knew there would be times we'd just need a sip of a cold drink and something sweet to munch on when our sugar levels hit low.

We had to shovel out $4.00 for the City bay bridge toll, that should have been completely paid for in 1975 ! My estimated guess of course ! However they loved the idea of having visitors pay this little fee to visit their city that the city officials have continued the practice of visitors paying this little fee each and every time someone pass over into the city. So they pocket quite a good chunk of change each and every day of the week. Wow ! I should charge our visitors , would it work? Naw, I don't think so. They'd laugh at us , I'm sure. We finally were able to drive down to the Fisherman's wharf and actually found a parking spot ! It was amazing how my husband did that ! Well he is quite the wonderful drive in the city. I can't stand driving in the city, I actually can have a panic attack over it. It's just too much for me. I have to plan my "attack plan" days ahead of time if I have to ever drive into the city alone. It makes me that nervous and scared. It's just a different pace of life and one I'm not used too. We have only 3,000 people were we live, and in the city...it's roughly 50,000 people. So can you imagine ? It is quite different. Back to what I was saying, We parked in an area right down by the Mar time Museum if your familiar with S.F. We had a very short walk over to a nice little place that we ducked into for air conditioning, it actually was hot in San Fransisco yesterday. Then we settled down and ordered our favorite lunch of clam chowder which is a must when you come into the city ! We enjoyed huge glasses of iced tea , warm sour dough bread and butter , then our main dish of clam chowder with oyster crackers ! Talk about making your tummy happy ! It did the trick ! Here is the bowl of clam chowder which i happily chowed down.
Here is the kids enjoying their own bowls of clam chowder. They love hot sauce and used quite a bit to pour the heat on it. Yummy Stuff. After lunch we headed back to the truck and drove over to "Golden Gate" Park to figure out exactly where Grandpa's Band was going to play ! They had a "Band in the park day yesterday" So that was the main excuse to head to the city in the first place ! While walking back to our truck to drive to golden gate park, we passed by this site. (See above picture). Or should I say this passed by us ? Either way, I'm glad we passed it. I adore the show WEEDS , it's the best showtime show ever ! Love , love , love it. I was thoroughly excited to see this. It's the little things people, I'm telling' you ! The concert music dome makes the music come to life. It just explodes the sounds of all the instruments right out to the audience. It is a gorgeous place to be blessed to hear such awesome talented musicians perform. Simply wonderful. It didn't hurt that the day was filled with so much sunshine that it felt so Delicious on our skin. I got to sit back and tap my foot along to the music as I was knitting on the second sock to my pair ! I had a blast there, it was so relaxing and anywhere I get to incorporate my knitting , I love it.
The whole band here in this picture on the stage. The lady in front sang beautifully ! We thoroughly enjoyed the bands and the beautiful songs sung from her. Wonderful and totally fun day for all of us. Here is the hero of the hour ! In all his glory ! My father in law !!!! He plays a fierce trumpet ! My father in law and my sweet husband Bill.

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