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Friday, July 10, 2009

The Lazy days of Summer !

Of course there is no summer without having big heaping bowls of homemade ice cream ! Right? I have never bought a kitchen gadget that I don't love ! I am a sucker for all things "Kitcheny" ! Is that a word? Well for this blog we will say it is. Of course it describes exactly what I'm wanting to say. Lately I have been in pure domestic bliss in my home. It's been too hot to be outside really. Although I do want to "Update" my flower pots in the front yard and the back porch. I also have been reading other's blogs about updating porch area's and making them another extension to your home, an outdoor room. I have big dreams for doing that but of course my pocketbook does not want to accommodate me with the wealth of green bills that I need in order to purchase the things I need ! Okay, Getting back to my blissfulness of domestication's. I purchased these packages of "Homemade Ice cream mixes" at the good ole' wally world last summer. We loved them. All the flavors were amazing. So of course once the store begin pulling out their summer stock and stocking the shelves and I came across these little goodies again this year, I knew I had to buy more ! After all nothing says "Summer" more than homemade ice cream ! So above you will see the picture of the ice cream mix. There is absolutely nothing easier than making this bowl of delicious frozen goodness ! Of course I had to pull out my Cuisinart ice cream maker I love this machine. It makes all kinds of frozen goodies. Things from frozen yogurt, sorbet , and of course ice cream. So once you have pulled out the frozen container from the freezer that has to be frozen for at least 6 hours before using. I like to keep on in the freezer at all times because you don't know when the craving for the delicious goodness will hit you, or you have some company that you need a impromptu dessert for. So pull out the frozen center part from the freezer, dump in the little package of ice cream mix, and your cold milk from the fridge. Turn on the little button on the front of the machine and your good to go ! Just let the machine do it's thing for about 30 minutes ! After it mixes , empty the ice cream into a Tupperware container that is air tight. Place into the freezer to let ice cream harder further. In about 1 hour take it out and scoop nice round scoops into ice cream bowls ! Of course it's fun for the kiddos and adults to have all the extra goody toppings to choice from. We love it plain and of course with the candy goodies, toppings, whipped cream and cherries ! I really am happy that we purchased this ice cream maker. I've had it for along time, maybe 10 years already ! wow ! However I have gotten my use out of it. We use it year round, but mostly every week during the summer. It comes with a nice recipe book too for great concoctions, they are delicious too. However they take more planning . I'm a real simple gal and so I prefer to pick up the little packets for the ice cream. I do recommend this investment, you wouldn't be sorry if you love to make ice cream goodies at home.

*just a side note: I do not work for Cuisinart and I am not getting paid for my endorsement of this product ! Although I'd willing accept if they want to hire me and pay me !! *Wink* just kidding.

Now go make some ice cream if you have a ice cream maker. If not go buy one, you will love it.


  1. I love everything homemade!
    pity I'm not so good in the kitchen AND don't have a ice cream maker..

    thanks for the visit n lovely comment :)

  2. :-) I just bought an ice cream maker last year, and I love it! My favorite packet to make is the cookies and cream.

  3. okay now i need an ice cream maker....i was just saying to my daughter a few days ago that making homemade ice-cream should be on our summer to-do list!

  4. Ugh!! Good reminder! I do have one but rarely use it!!