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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Babies, Babies, and More babies !

I absolutely adore babies and everything to do with babies ! I also have my passion for knitting and everything to do with knitting. So put those two things together and I get two things I'm crazy about ! When friends of mine have babies it gives me the greatest joy to put together a little sweater layette set for their soon to be baby ! This one was put together and knitted in about 25 days. The little one I knit it for is due to arrive at the end of August but mommy said that she thinks it will happen sooner and it will be any day now. Since Mommy is ready for baby to arrive any day I wanted to quickly finish this surprise gift up quickly and get it to her. I took it over to The Mommy yesterday. Mommy was so super excited and thrilled that I knit it in yellow which is the color of babies going home outfit. Baby is a girl and since big sister is only 1 year older than the new addition mommy choose yellow as little sisters signature color ! I think mommy was tired of pink things ! LOL I'm just sayin !

Anyway I was thrilled with the outcome of this little sweet set and so was the recipient of the gift. The set is knit in Baby yellow soft baby yarn. On Size 4 needles/ also size 6 for trim. I attached a little personalize tag purchased from the yarn store that reads " Made especially for a special little girl". Just the right little bit of personalization to the set to show it's hand made !


  1. WOW, great job! Love the color yellow, too! That was a lovely and thoughtful gift!