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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

With much apology!

Where oh where did the months go? Once school began, I thought I'd have so much time for myself. Boy was I wrong. Life just seemed to get busier. So with that said, poor excuse for an apology but it's the truth, I'm going to just move on along and begin blogging again.

It did seem like all of Oct. our family was sick. It began with my husband who was the first to come down with the flu. He was very sick with the N1H1 flu. Well so we think, which NO ONE would confirm. Although no one wanted him in the dr.'s office waiting room. Haha. He was extremely sick . He had the flu, was given Tamiflu medication and then came down with Phenumonia. It finally got better after 2 weeks. Then our daughter got sick. Yep she came down with the flu. After spending the weekend with her trying to feel better, but looking worse, I took her in to the dr. on Monday morning and she was prescribed the tamiflu because she too had the flu, again which flu? We were not told and the funny thing is we didn't even ask? LOL

After another couple of days and Daughter feeling better, you guessed it ! I got sick. SO Mom, came down with the flu and was in bed for 1 whole entire week, Hubby finally made me go to the dr. and I was prescribed tamiflu. After another week I was slowly gaining back my strength. WOw, that really whipped my behind ! So now with October behind us, we eagerly looked toward November.

Here we are with November and It was been an amazing month. We have been looking at different Swimming pool companies to see who we'd like to use to install our in ground pool. After a few meetings with a couple diffferent companies we did decide on a family operated swimming pool company and we have been so excited since. They began our Pool the first week of Nov. and Today we are ending with the pool rebared and gunite ! We are extremely excited and can't hardly wait for all the fun we're going to have this summer.

Now that it is mid November I have been busy with all things fall. Switching the home decor from summer to Fall . I've been doing alot of treasure hunting which is what I call it when you go to thrift stores shopping ! Isn't it more fun to call it treasure hunting ? Really it isn't shopping because that is the beauty of it, you can't go with an item in mind really, you have to go with an open mind and see what comes your way. Sometimes you leave empty handed without much of anything, other times you leave with so many different treasures.
I spent my day yesterday doing just that. I came home with 5 books from a few of my favorite authors and two from new authors that I've been wanting to try. I bought a beautiful fake silver necklace that has round circles that decorate it. I found 4 pairs of great kahki type pants, one from gap, one from old navy, one high end designer (can't remember name) and one from banana Republic. two shirts , and three dresses. One great black cocktail dress for this holiday season, that I will be able to dress up with some red/or silver accessories and a nice clutch purse. I was so excited at my finds. I also bought two nice lighthouse pictures for the main bathroom, and 3 candle burners that are the ones you burn a tealight beneath and wax on top. One is from White barn candle company, one from party lite ,and one I'm not sure the maker, but they were all a 1/4 of the orginial price if they had been bought at the orginal store ! I couldn't be happier and I spent only $40.00. WOO HoO. What a nice way to make my husbands pay check go further. He works so hard and I don't want to waste our money. We have 5 kiddos to take care of , dress and feed so We don't spend friviously. I do usually shop for the kids too but yesterday I didn't. So I can't report on any kiddo finds. Maybe next time.
In my little knitting world, I've been going to my class each week and I've been learning intarsia, and color works. It's been amazingly fun and although I won't say easy, but I will say fun and challenging. I've really enjoyed it ! I've been doing a bunch of knitting so here is a couple pictures that I've been working on.

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  1. LOL good to hear from you, though you're making me feel guilty because I haven't blogged in, uh, 9 weeks now. I'll have to get on that. ;-)