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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Cars, Cars,Cars, and More Cars !!!

Disney Cars 2 ~ !
I remember not too many years ago my 2 sons were watching the "Disney Car's Movie". We went as a family to watch it. It Came out June 2006. My boys were not really little but they did like it and enjoyed the movie. 
Of course they never got into the "car's mania" like so many other boys did. Of course like I said they weren't little, it was to be expected. Although I won't lie, I missed that whole hoopla that always went along with the newest, hottest, Disney production ! It always managed to sweep our whole family up. From buying the toys, books, clothing, pj's, and on and on....
I would get into it just as much as the kids did. We'd collect the entire selection of characters toy's from McDonald's ! I remember taking many lunch breaks from work to go grab the next character. Hoping it would be different from the last one. Getting so excited and happy to take home that little prize at the end  of the day to see the boys shriek with excitement and asking when I would go get "insert name here ".

Now it's 2011 and their are different boys in my life that are in love with the "DISNEY" craze ! The newest one is the anticipation of Car's 2 arrival ! These little guys are 5 and 1 and boy are they totally crazy about the Cars ! All of the characters,all of the toys, movies,clothing, pj's and anything else that has Disney car's 2 theme on it. 
So Lucky me !!!
I got to purchase some very cute Cars material and set out to make matching little cars outfits with  Lightening McQueen's Picture on the shirt !

I took the outfits over to the boys who happen to be my neighbor ! They loved them, they were so darn cute ! So excited and happy over something so simple. It was cute. I was happy !
 It was fun to make ! 
The Boys are leaving tomorrow with their family on vacation to Disney. I bet no one else has a lightening McQueen outfit like theirs ! I hope they all have a wonderful time !

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  1. What cute outfits! You rock! Wish I had a neighbor like you :-)