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Monday, June 20, 2011

For the Moments and Musings that Stick: We're going international!

 OMG !!!! Have you all heard the big news ! The hottest biggest trendiest craft that is NEW for 2011 !?!   If you haven't it's called "SMASH" ! Oh and it's fun , crafty, scrapbooky, journaly, super fun ! * A little someone who will remain nameless mentioned to me the power of the journal and how this newest trend has been used in therapy for many years but is now becoming a trend in the craft world !
* To Smash means: To stick stuff into this awesome book!* See below the awesome video that I uploaded from youtube.com 
here is another journal for someone on the Artist's sketchbook site. 

 It fills the spot for many different types of crafters. It's for the scrapbooker , the journalist, the writer, the blogger, the savor, the mom that can't stop taking photos and writing in their childs baby book even though the child is now in high school getting ready to graduate....and so on. Even the person without children... It's for everyone !
http://www.visualjournaling.com/  check out many types of visual journals here.
For the Moments and Musings that Stick: We're going international!: "A big thank you to our lovelies across the sea in all directions. We've received sooo many emails and comments about how you want SMASH avai..."
I am excited about this new fun crafty way to journal and keep memento's from the daily things that happen and the fun stuff I do with friends, family and hubby ! So Happy Smashing friends ! I hope some of you look into this type of journaling and may it bring you some sunshine and happiness ! 

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