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Thursday, June 9, 2011

The past 3 days has been crazy ~

I get woke up by Garrett (oldest) Son at 11:00 pm Tuesday night. He tells me that his stomach is super hurting,feels weird and it isn't right. I tell him that if it's hurting and he knows it's not right then we need to go have it checked at the emergency room. Sure enough we go in and about 2am find out that he is definitely having appendicitis attack. He had a cat-scan and it again showed the appendicitis . They tell us they are contacting the surgeon and he will have surgery sometime today. It was 5am at this time,maybe 6am. Surgeon arrives and explains procedure to us. Garrett is ready to have it removed and get the pain away. He goes in for surgery at 8am. Everything went well. It took longer than they had told us so I began to get worried. However, after a bit the was in recovery and we were told all was well, that the surgery took longer because his appendix wasn't in the right spot. Weird huh? It was up behind his liver. So, now it's removed , he spent the night in the hospital. He was in there just barely 24 hours. I picked him up at 9am this morning. He is now recovering well at home. He said it's so much better than the hospital. He said he is even feeling better because of just being home. That's Good. I'm happy to hear that. I'm happy he went  through it all like a trooper. It was weird that he was 19 years old and as an adult signed all paperwork by himself, answered all questions they asked. I wasn't really needed but I know he was glad I was there. I just felt so strange to me to take him to the hospital and they don't ask me one thing. LOL
He is a grown up now ! That really put it in my face. haha.
I'm just so happy he is recovering quickly and is feeling better. Now I'm sure in a few days He will be himself in no time.

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