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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Vacation makes you need a Vacation !

So two  weeks ago we left on vacation. In the rush to leave I totally forgot to take a few minutes and let everyone know that I'd be gone for a brief time. Anyway I am now back and will be looking forward to sharing and showing some of our vacation memories with all of you.

Also right before I left to go on vacation I bumped into a new hobbie on mistake kinda. I have been into doing the "art,visual journaling" that is all the rage if you are into what's hot in the craft world it could not have slipped by you by any means, More on that in latter posts though. So through this hobbie of junk journaling,art,or visual journaling whatever you might call it, I bumped into what is called "digital Scrapbooking" now I was an avid scrapbooker/stamper back in the 90's. I have my albums and love them. However I got bored I guess or more like overwhelmed  ~ It became a job that had to get done. Like cooking dinner ! That took all the fun out of what I looked as my escape for mommyhood. It became one more daunting task that had to be completed because my children weren't stopping growing etc and I had to keep up or else ! So needless to say I stopped scrapbooking all together. My daughter is lucky that she has 1 album besides her baby book.
However, I have come across this new way (new for me anyway) to do scrapbooking that looks like so much fun and virtually takes up zero space. Except my computers hard drive might complain ! I went to borders book store yesterday (great deals since they are going out of business) I purchased a magazine called "Somerset digital studio" It is really loaded with information about this creative outlet to scrapping. I'm super excited to try it. I need to first download my paintshop pro software (it's super old) but I hope it's able to do the tasks so I don't need to purchase the newest version until I know that I am going to stick with this.
So much more to  tell you but it has to wait for now. More on our wonderful vacation camping trip at the lodge later ! for now, have a sunny fun day !

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