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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas To All & To all a Good Year!

I hope that all of you have a wonderful and warm Holiday with your loved ones far and close. God Bless all of our Military Families who do not have their Soldier,Marine,Sailor,or Airforcemen or women at home with them. **Knit someone a gift,It's amazing what joy it brings both the knitter & the recipient!**
God bless all of our Safety Workers,Firefighters,police,correctional officers and all that protect us as we sleep at night.
May the New year bring all good things to you and yours.
Take some time before the new year to write yourself a note about things you want to accomplish,change, or do before the end of the next year. Keep this close to you for reference through out the year so you can check it off as you go ! It will guide you through the year to make sure you keep yourself on track ! At the end of the year look back at what you have done and how far you have come. 
Those of you who have lost a loved one this year, I say a special prayer for you. This isn't easy and it doesn't get better like people like to say , truth is, It changes, your heart learns to  cope, as does your brain. you find ways that comfort you and will make adapting a bit easier. Find ways to honor your loved one and for you to keep them in your every day life. Remember that you have a special angel and they are there for you and do not want your hurting. So remember being happy is okay, they want you to be happy. They want to see you smile, do not feel guilty. It's okay , infact that is what you must do. Remember you are still living,and you must go on. Especially if you have children, teach them how to grieve in a healthy manner. Teach them that it's okay to talk about their loved one, Teach them it's okay that they miss them and it's okay when they do not want to talk about it. You are a role model and you are a teacher. 
God Bless all the families going through difficult times because of our economy. Remember Christmas isn't about all the Merchandise the Marketing schemes want us to believe we need. As long as you are warm,and your tummy full, celebrate love & family. No matter how little you have. If you need to get food and warmth, please ask and seek help. There are many programs in your city to help you, lots of churches to help. No one should be hungry or cold. I pray that our Society finds a economic peace this year,and all have jobs ! I pray that every family can keep their home, pay their rent,put food on their table, gas in their car! That if your sick you can go to the dr. It's becoming all about the simplicity of survival. 
Most of all I wish you all peace, love, and happiness !
Merry Christmas
Love, Sweetside

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