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Thursday, January 15, 2009

I like Hanah Montana Meme

Yep , My youngest Son loves Hannah Montana. Of course his two Sister's do. He is often in their room bugging them while they are doing their karaoke machine, he amazingly knows all her songs as well ! Often you will hear him softly singing while playing his hot wheels and the lyrics go something like this, "You get the limo out front, ah uh, " yada yada yada ! It always makes me smile and think, "Well he's a well rounded boy" thanks to his sisters !
Recently while hubby, the big boys and I were in the living room watching the Howie Mandel show "How we do it" , which i love btw. The girls and our little one were in the back bedroom playing. Of course Hannah Montana blasted from the back room and 3 voices were singing off key, with lots of laughs and giggles. I had peeked in on them while they were playing just to check and see what was going on in there, sometimes they make lil man do the most weird stuff. I think he's been the baby when they play house for the past 5 1/2 years and he's a bit tired of it. He even asks "Can I be the dad, or the mom this time"? Always the girls telling him NO, he has to be the baby. Then you'll peek in and see the poor chap donning a bib, a baby hat and a little baby blanket or something like that. I have many pictures of him After the sisters got ahold of him and convinced him that if he was playing with them, he would do what they said ! Oh my poor child.
So back to watching TV that night. Like I said, I peek in on the girls and lil man and things were good. They were doing their Hannah dances and singing ! Lil man was keeping up right along with them. I came back to sit down and watch TV.
All of a sudden......out comes lil man flying down the hall with lots of blond locks flying in the wind. The sisters chasing after him ! He is telling daddy and I (which he calls me , meme. I am supermom, no i mean step mom . LOL) that he loves Hannah Montana and Do I look like her? hee hee. Hubby , I and the big brothers couldn't hardly stop laughing. We were almost peeing our pants. Lil man is so super funny, always entertaining us and making us laugh. I grabbed the camera for a picture and the above picture is the one documenting this moment forever !!! I'll place it next to the many others in his baby book of the many looks his sisters convinced him to wear, like the "Tinkerbell" costume they dressed him up in !!! Some day he might get his sisters back !

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