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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Since when did I become the grown-up?

The days beginning the new year always come to a surprise to my pocket book ! Immediately different billers want an ungodly amount of money to "Renew" policies on automobiles, Home, Health and what not ! It always seems to catch me off guard, How can I forget that every 12 months this happens all within a 2 week period ? You would think that my grown- up responsible brain would think "oh, yeah I remember this is coming up and that is coming up right after Christmas, I BETTER save some Green!"

Unfortunately It never happens ! Gosh How I wish that I could say, "oh yes absolutely I am so darn responsible and have perfected the REAL grown-up in me, and of course I have all the tons of extra cash that all the insurance policies , home insurance, car insurance, car registration, smog, and my middle son's birthday requires , even leaving us with extra cash to take a night out to dinner, catch a movie out on sat. afternoon With the kids, a trip to the mall to pick up a great new dress and of course some shoes to go with it.

All of these things always hit me blindsided , right upside my head ! How in the heck? Oh and I forgot to mention the extra bill for the use of Electricity used during the month's end of Nov. through the end of December , to make our little home sparkle with the delight of the holidays ! Oh yes, I think the people at the electric company get a little giggle to stick it to us for using those Christmas lights ! I really should gather up a better plan to stay on top of the January Crunch, as we so lovingly refer to this time of year ! It seems that the harder and longer hours my husband puts in at work the less money we have to make all the ends meet !

Thankfully for us, this month My husband even received his yearly clothing allowance to help with all the extra beginning of the year bills. He desperately needs new boots for work, and new uniform shirts, so we will have to eventually order those next month out of our regular budget but for now, I was super thankful we have that extra money.

Joyfully our middle son is turning 14 years old this month and is having his party this coming sat. I am excited about the party and nervous of the bills. When did I become the grown-up? Now I'm the one, along with my sweet husband that somehow pull money out of our arse and put together the dreams that our children visualize. As kids we have no clue that mom, dad or both have no money for our birthday, for our school items, for our sports we wanted to play, for the designer shoes or jeans we just couldn't live without. However somehow our parents pulled it together and although we didn't have "everything" we wanted we did enjoy luxuries of having some designer things, birthday parties off the hook, Christmas holiday with so many presents, wonderful family vacations , and anything else that you do not realize as a child was so hard for your parents to put together, stay on top of their bills and live a nice middle class life.

Somehow in all of this I became the grown-up, now responsible for making the dreams of our children come alive, for paying all the bills on time, for juggling our family food budget so that everyone goes to sleep at night content and full, making sure that we have insurance to protect us and so on. It can become daunting and stressful if you let it. I try very hard not too.

Somehow , someway we will make it all happen and will move on to February and once again will forget that we need to have a "STOCK PILE" of cash for the Madness of January of 10. I am wanting to keep our head above water and somehow we need to pull money out our arse each month from our monthly budget so we will not be feeling "Stuck" . I hate that feeling. I just would like some financial freedom to move and to think we can afford a night out as a family without it strapping us.

Again, since when did I become the grown-up?

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