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Thursday, June 18, 2009

BBQ for 4H club and then Swimming

We had a BBQ tonight for 4H club at the park. It was an end of the year celebration. We got to enjoy some time with 4H friends, instructors and parents. Of course kids too. The children played on the playground and ran around before the BBQ was finished cooking. We enjoyed plump hot dogs, and delicious BBQ hamburgers. Everyone that came brought a dish to share. We had more than enough of cookies, cakes, muffins, crackers, chips, and dip , oh and I have to mention the brownies which was chocolate to die for brownies ! They were that good ! We ate and ate and had very full bellies. Above is a pic of the diva
Little man showing of his climbing skills on the Caterpillar ! He's proud of himself here.

Our oldest son and his best girl B. I am always a very happy mama when all my ducks are with me and under my wing. There is nothing that makes me happier, than having them all with me and all happy too ! So it was a good day. After our fun bbq and party at the park we began to drive home. We passed the town pool and I mentioned to my husband (who is always wanting to make me happy) that I would like to go to the pool and cool off. Boy that would be fun. That's when my sweet man suggested we call our good friends who live around the corner from us and see what they were doing. They have a nice backyard with a wonderful pool ! He calls and they suggest we come over ! Yahoooooooooooo, We're on the way ! We change quickly at home, fill up two small carry ice chests of beverages and head over. We walk around the corner and arrive at our friends home. We then enjoy some great company and a wonderful cool swimming pool ! Oh did I mention the icy cold bottle of beer that I slowly sipped on ? Oh, yes I did. It was heaven, I tell ya. Heaven. Life is full of small itty bitty wonderful surprises.

Lot's of swimming fun tonight over at a friends house. The kids we're loving it. We all played, cooled off and enjoyed some great conversations with our friends.

Here's the little man swimming and learning to go in the deep end, all by himself !

Oh and here we are ! My sweet hunky husband and myself ! A rare picture of me with my hair wet, yuck. So Not classy ! But hey I had a cocktail or two and what the heck, we look cute !

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  1. Just stopping by rom SITS and wanted to say hello! The pictures are awesome!!