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Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'm Loving So many things these days

These days there are so many things that I'm getting pure pleasure from that I can't just name one . When my children were younger we spent our summer days poolside. We went out early around 10am, right after breakfast and morning cartoons. We'd enjoy swimming for a few hours and then head home. We'd usually have 3 hours of good swimming time before the boys would begin to tire and want to head home. Almost daily I packed a lunch for them and we'd just enjoy the outdoor sunshine until it became naptime. Now days the kids are all spread out in ages. The boys are now older and have much different interest then spending their summer time mornings poolside with mommy. We also don't live in an area with a great kiddy pool like we did when they were younger. So now that the kids are spread out in age our summer days are much different. I'm loving it and also missing it. It used to be that I would have a great summer reading list that I gathered up through out the fall /winter months and have available for my pure reading pleasure once summer hit ! I enjoy reading so much and I'd have my book in hand by the pool while listening and keeping an eye on my boys as they laughed , splashed and enjoyed one another's company . Things now aren't quite the same, and that doesn't mean it's bad, just different. These days my summer days are starting much much later than they did years ago. Teen's love to sleep in ! So yipee for me, it's lazy mornings for me too ! I get to make my coffee and have a cup or two in a quiet house before anyone is stirring. *see my morning picture above ! And note, no makeup, it really was morning and my first cuppa joe!*
I no longer gather my books for summer reading like I used to do, I get to enjoy reading all year round because I no longer have the little babies under foot and keeping me up all hours of the night wanting to eat, nurse and snuggle with mama. I miss it but I'm much more rested and can stay up late reading, knowing that I can actually sleep in the next morning. Yes Moms those babies eventually do sleep all night long. It will happen trust me. Seems impossible but it happens.
So these days of summer I have my reading, and of course my love of baking which I have been doing a ton of. The fresh fruits here in California are so plentiful. My dear sweet neighbor has been bringing over barrels of fresh blackberries to us. She has a dear friend who has the bushes and of course all the berries have come ripe at once which leads the owners to look for people to pon them off on. I'll gladly accept any fruits that anyone wants to bring me ! I have graciously accepted the yummy fruits of blackberries, apricots, and lots of strawberries. I have frozen many of these for future use of baked goodies and also have used many of them in the goodies we enjoyed over the past two weeks. I have also been busy with my beloved knitting. I adore what happens with a ball of yarn and two little wooden sticks ! I can make things, I really can. Things to use, things to wear, and things to use ! I love it is so much and best of all it relaxes me which i need. Here are a few pictures of things I'm currently working on.
Here is my socks that I'm currently working on. I'm so proud , it's the first pair that I've made. They are turning out marvelous and it's so exciting ! I bought the yarn from Knitpicks and Adore it. It's so soft and works wonderfully smooth. I purchased three balls of this so I'll have three new pairs of socks that I'm putting away for christmas gifts !

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