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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Part Three of our Trip

Our first glimpse of the Grand Canyon. Wow so beautiful, so amazing, and so wonderful! God's creations are just breath taking. Literally ! haha, since the elevation was a wee bit shy of 8900 feet ! haha

There were trails to take like this all over the place. My husband and I took this one to go see more of this awesome place.
Can you believe this canyon? Wow, it is over 100 miles long ! We stood in awe over the view. Crystal clear skies and beautiful scenery. It was worth the drive , we did have to admit. However we were a bit worried of where we were going to stay the night. We were so tired of driving and the Lodge here had absolutely NO vacancies what so ever. We had no idea that we should have made reservations. Like I said, I thought the canyon was along a hwy, I expect it to be very touristy, it was nothing like we expected, there for we were caught way off guard with no where to spend the night. We were a bit worried and sad because we couldn't stay here at the canyon and we couldn't enjoy longer visit because it was already 8pm at night and we had no where to go. We knew we had to get back into the truck and go find a place to stay the night. Hopefully somewhere close because we couldn't last much longer in the truck , having to drive. I was praying that the Inn down the road that I wanted to pull into was going to have at least one room available for us !PLEASE!!!! We did go into the gift shop and purchase some Grand canyon goodies for our kids ! Here is a picture of me at the canyon When we left and started driving down the road. We came to a stop in the road. There was a pack of Bison . One was crossing the street . how funny that was. He was running across. In a hurry I guess. If you look, you'll see a baby bison in the picture. The next morning after we did get lucky and stay in a wee little cabin at that one Inn I seen. We took off driving back into Utah. Here is some of the scenery.

Here is a weird house we saw.

Crackerbarrell is one of my favorite restaurants on the east coast. I love them. We got lucky and found one . We stopped in for some lunch !

Here is my hunky Man in front of my favorite restaurant. Two things I love !

I had to take this photo. Hubby is driving but I took the photo to show how hot it was outside. Notice the temperature on the review mirror. A mere 108 degrees We drove back from Arizona, slipped back into Utah and then back into Nevada to Vegas. Here is some pictures of our way back through heading back home. It was a bit smoggy.

Here is a truck we found driving beside us. We laughed so hard, maybe we were delirious from driving so darn much. However at the time it was funny. It read Global Warming/ heating and air conditioning !

Coming back through Nevada we did go a different way. We stopped quickly for a potty break,and some cold drinks at a McDonald's here. There were so many outlet stores here , and I did want to go shopping but I knew we didn't have time on our deadline of traveling. However it looked so cool that I took pictures. There also was a great couple of hotels and one of them had a great big roller coaster that went around the outside of the hotel ! How cool is that? I'm sure it was a fun place to stay over night.

sadly we couldn't stay here . We drove off after just snapping some pictures. We were on a mission to get back to California. We drove all the way through Nevada, and back into California. We ended up in a town called Tahachapie where we got a hotel room and stayed the night. We rested our weary heads and got a good night sleep. In the AM we drove from there back to our home ! There is NO place like home !!! We had fun, we were tired but we were glad we took this road trip. We had both wanted to go to the Grand canyon for along time and finally we did it. We are proud that we accomplished it.

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