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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Part Two of our Trip

For the second part of our trip we pulled into Las Vegas about 4:30pm . We were dead tired, or we thought ! LOL. I guess tiredness just can't exist when your in Vegas Baby ! We of course took this road trip with a loose plan of which way we'd go but didn't make any permanent plans or room reservations on where we'd stay. We didn't give it much thought past knowing where we wanted to go. So we pulled into the strip without any room reservations . This took us a bit to quaint ourselves with the area and where/what we wanted to see while visiting here. We knew our stay was only going to be one night (sadly) so we quickly made some plans on the area we wanted to stay in so we could see certain things without having to drive to them. We knew we wanted to relax and get our drink on ! When in Vegas do as they do , is what I was thinking ! So we checked into the Polo Towers Resort. http://www.polotowers.com/visit_our_resorts.html Our room was amazingly beautiful, relaxing, and refreshing. I wanted to NEVER leave. Click on the link and click suites to see pictures of our room. It was lovely. I was in love with our room ! Wishing we could stay and then my hubby said, "Well I promise you , if we win a thousand dollars tonight we can stay two more nights." Oh and our room stay for one night was only $149.00 per night. I totally recommend this wonderful hotel for your next stay in Vegas. You will not be disappointed. Oh and when I woke up in the Morning, my sweet Man had went down stairs to purchase huge Mocha's from the Starbucks cafe' inside the hotel lounge. Can't beat that.
Okay so after checking in to the room, gushing over the comfy bed and room amenities we decided to take quick baths and refresh ourselves. We quickly changed clothes and I did my hair, make-up. We then left downstairs to check out the strip and do some gambling ! We play slots, which were so much fun ! Hours of fun !!! Pennies last a long time ! Oh and you don't feel guilty for losing ! Next we walked around , hit the Cesar's Place where we played some cards. Bill did so good ! We met some great new friends who kept buying us rounds of Robitussin Cough medicine....Oh it was really a drink cocktail shot of something but it did taste like that medicine. Haha. We laughed, joked , and won about $100.00 ! Which my husband kept handing me $25.00 chips to hold on too ! I then placed them down my shirt, into my bra. For safe keeping !
Here is the front of the Beliago Hotel and Casino. Beautiful hotel. Outside is a waterfountian that plays music in rhythm of the waterfall shooting up. Gorgeous.

Here is my husband outside along the Las Vegas Strip. We were on our way to buy me a frozen Margarita drink and hubby a beer. After purchasing drinks we walked down to the Paris Hotel and Casino to check it out. Inside it is amazing. There is cobblestone walkways inside that you follow and it leads you to the little cafe's , shops, and places to eat. When you look up it is beautiful sky, with clouds and sunshine. It looks like midday inside of this hotel , and it seems like your outdoors. Weired and you can easily get lost inside. We played a bit of slots here and then left .

Here is a picture of us inside Cesar's Place hotel lobby. We went back to this hotel because the slots seemed looser here. Yeah right ! It was in our imaginations because we surely didn't win big or anything. After some more game playing we came outside to cool off in an outside fountain. I'm sure this was surely illegal ! But hey when you've had a few margaritas you don't care ! It felt so good on my tired feet ! Oh, beautiful pictures of the Eiffel Tower at night.

Gotta love this picture of my Husband Bill. Doesn't he look excited and happy ! How could he not be when we were in Vegas!
Here we are, Self Portrait
The following morning we woke up and after packing up and back into the truck we headed down the road. We were surely sad to be leaving Vegas after such a short fun stay. We traveled shortly down the road , leaving Nevada and stopped again at a casino on the side of the HWY. I am not sure what it was called. However the grounds were beautiful and we just couldn't shake the gambling bug. We were craving more gambling. Maybe we could win that thousand dollars and we wouldn't have to leave Vegas. A girl can hope, right ? Anyway we went back outside to check out the grounds and look what I saw....two baby duckies. They were gorgeous and I wanted to keep them and bring them home. They were just so cute !

Here is a picture of me that my husband took. I'm squinting from the sunshine in my face.
One of the two of us. Another self Portrait. We are getting good at these.

Here in the bush right behind us where we snapped the above pictures was a Mommy duck nestled in her nest. She had eggs under her and she kept so still and quiet so we wouldn't bother her. She was scared of us but stayed put protecting her babies.

Here is the gorgeous waterfall outside that just was the perfect back drop for some photos.
After finally leaving the State of Nevada, we drove through a sliver of Utah, and on up to Arizona. To the top ridge of the North Rim on the Grand Canyon. It was a long hot drive ,without much excitement honestly. We were a bit tired from our little partying in Vegas til 2AM and honestly it was wearing on us. We kept our spirits up and kept on til we came to the grand canyon which was our sole purpose for the road trip. We both "thought" that the grand canyon was just off a hwy, along the road. That somehow you could just drive along the hwy and look at it. Some how like one would drive along the coast line. Just insert grand canyon instead of ocean. However it wasn't like that at all. So to our little surprise we kept on and on down a road that had signs reading and pointing us to the Grand canyon. There was Nothing along this road, no gas stations, no hotels, nothing touristy at all. Finally we passed a little lodge that looked like a place that you could rent a rustic cabin and then eat a meal. I wanted to stop but my husband didn't , he said were almost there so we went along toward that grand canyon.

Here is the scenery that we looked at for miles. I was amazed that there were trees in Arizona. Weird.
Finally we arrived at our destination ! The Grand Canyon, North Rim. Check out the elevation level. WOW Here is the Ranger station. Entrance to the Park. I had no idea that it was a state park ! Here we are in line to the gate to pay our money ! Oh , here is another sign. Letting us know that we had arrived at our destination. I did not at the time see the little sign at the bottom that read "FULL". It was sad that it was full, however we didn't know it at this time.

Another picture of me, I am smiling because I finally get to get out of the car !

Hubby pulled out a chunk of cash to pay our entrance. Here is the receipt , $25.00 !

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  1. LOL. Let me just say, if your mother had been along with you, she would have won that $1000 on the trip up, and you could have stayed two extra days. :-)

    Great trip! Loving reading about it and seeing the pics!