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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Music to my ears !

My husband and I decided to treat our girls with a super surprise ! It was tickets to the Jonas Brothers concert. If you do not know of the Jonas Brothers band , they are a boy band of "real" brothers. They became popular through their time on Disney Channel. Before that I have no idea how long they have been making music or what ever they did before the Disney break came up for them. So here you can check them out on Disney.com or here http://tv.disney.go.com/disneychannel/jonas/index.html

See for yourself what the hype of the teeny bopper world is raging about ! So...back to the surprise for our girls. Yep we decided in a delirious crazy moment to purchase tickets to the Jonas Brothers concert here: http://www.myspace.com/jonasbrothers

The girls worked so hard on their concert posters , as you can see in the top photo, only to be totally disappointed once we arrived at the venue. The security officer taking tickets and checking bags at the door explained to the girls that they had to throw away their posters because the bands requested "NO" posters be brought into the stadium building. Quickly I made up some mom logic to explain to the girls how the band probably did this for their safety and the safety of others. After making it sound logical and the girls were okay with it all and tried to shrug off their disappointment we moved on to the goodies stand where they were selling the tee's and other paraphernalia. This switched the mood and I got back my smiling excited girls. Only to find out later during the show that it really wasn't the Jona Brothers after all whom requested that NO posters be brought into the stadium. We found this out because during concert almost toward the end, Joe Jonas asked where his true fans were....he wanted to see the posters...he asked "where are my true fans? Show me the posters you've made me". Can you imagine the disappointment I had for my girls? I was furious with being told that the Jonas Brothers requested there be no posters allowed in the stadium. It wasn't true. We were lied too. The girls were very disappointed. They after all worked hard on those and wanted to please Joe when he asked to see them. So now I'll be shooting of some emails to the stadium customer service center (as I am sure many other moms' will be too, there were tons of posters trashed because of this.) I'll also be sending the Jonas Brothers this little tid bit of information so they are aware what happened. It isn't that big a deal in the scheme of what we consider big deals but to two little girls it was huge ! So Mommy will get to the bottom of it, or at least try.

Here is the pictures of the girls going ga ga ! Lot's of loud crazy screams, lot's of laughter, lot's of OH MY GOD that is them for real mom. and more loud screams ! Shrieking screams !!!!As you can tell the girls loved their surprise ! I drove about an hour and a half to the concert. It was so funny to see the expressions on their faces when the Jonas Brothers came out of stage ! They Light up like Christmas trees ! So electrifying. Of course the music was WAY too loud for me, and of course there was WAY too many people there. Of course the treats to purchase were overwhelmingly expensive ! I did indulge them with a treat each. The oldest picked the Band tee which was $40.00 ~! Can you believe that? What happened to the $20.00 band tee's, that folks our age used to buy from the band concerts? The younger daughter wanted the lantern necklace because she thought it was a backstage pass to get her behind the scenes with the Jo Bros. After I explained to her that it was a necklace to remember their tour, it listed all the places they had played on this tour and their stops. Of course on the front it had their band picture. She still wanted it and I could not talk her into getting the tee shirt instead. She loved the idea of her "fake" back stage pass. So, I couldn't complain, after all it saved me $ 30.00 since it was only $10.00. She's easily pleased !

We girls enjoyed the concert !! I should have brought ear plugs! LOL (I wish I knew how to draw the line through the typed text), because what I really want to say was that the girls enjoyed the concert and I enjoyed watching them enjoy it. They were so funny. It was like when I've seen pictures of the little girls that were at Elvis Concerts and how they completely went crazy, and awe struck...that is what my girls did. It tickled me to no end. So hilarious to watch. Of course because I'm my age....the music was not easy to understand. The words were blurry, and I couldn't make sense of them. Of course the girls are sitting beside me singing each and every word. I kept thinking boy this sound system is horrible.
Then came home and talked to my sweet husband whom promptly reminded me that concert sound systems are set to flawless and it was probably more to do with my ears and my age ! I did slug him once , or twice it was after midnight so I can't be sure !

Seriously though it was an amazing experience to have with my girls. Something they will remember forever ! Something that I can pull out the pictures for blackmail in the future ! To remind them just how starstruck they actually were over the Jo Bros. LOL. Naw, I wouldn't do that. LOL You betcha I would ! hee hee.

The other bands that opened for the Jonas Brothers were "Honor Society, Wonder girls, Jordan Sparks" We enjoyed all of them.

On a side note: To the Mom who sat right behind us and thought that her daughters viewing pleasure took precedence over my daughters choice to stand up and dance to the music just like all the other 10,000 little girls attending the concert were doing , Should remember this...
The next time you attend a concert purchase tickets in a row where you are in the very front row and will not have anyone in front of you and your precious daughter. Because at all concerts I have ever attended the folks attending like to stand up and dance along with the music, scream, and sing on the top of their lungs ! If you do not like these things then you probably should not attend the concert in the first place. If you simply do not like someone standing up in front of you then just make sure to get those front row seats, they do offer those and plenty of them ! However, do not tell a child that is standing up dancing to her favorite band that she must sit down because your daughter can not see . This is rude and unacceptable. Especially when doing this made my daughter begin to cry . You are just lucky I am a very classy person. I explained to you how they do have front row seating for folks like you who do not want someone in their viewing way, and that you should take advantage of that next time you attend a concert. Because the next time you are so rude and hurtful to a child, their mother might not be as classy as I am and she might just turn around and deck you no questions asked. If you read this , send me your address and I will send you a book called "100,000 ways to be a classy mom so you can raise classy daughters."

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