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Monday, August 17, 2009

My son's thumb is broke

Yep that is what I found out this morning. Remember in my last post about the first day of back to school I mentioned at the bottom that my middle son hurt his hand at football. I recieved a phone call this am from the dr who was able to fit my son in when our dr was out of town last thursday. Come to find out today that the xray shows my son has fractured his thumb. I'm not exactly sure to what exstent we won't know until we have our appt with the specialist from the hand suregon. I am frustrated with the health care system. My son broke his thumb on thursday. He has had it in a splint since then, not much else was done. It frustrates me that now that it's broken we will need to go down the chain of specialists which takes a couple weeks to do since they are all super busy. (I've been down this round before>can you tell?) By that time his bone might be fusing itself together and then they will have to re break it to fix and set it? I'm no specialist and I don't claim to be, I'm just a mom who is worried and upset that it took 4 days for the Dr. to call us back saying that the Xray person just read the xray and it said that son's thumb is definitely broke. They were supposed to call me back today before 4pm and give me the appointment time and date for our apt with the orthopedic specialist would get us in. Then we'd go from there.

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