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Friday, August 14, 2009

School is back in Session !

So my first born baby boy begins his Last year of High school today ! (which was yesterday). I'm slacking I know. Actually I have a good excuse for it and I'll explain that later. So back to this post. Yes, My baby boy went off to school this morning as a Big Bad Senior ! Remember how fun Senior year was? Well I thought it was such a carefree fun time in my life and i enjoyed it all. I hope he leaves school with those memories too ! So Talk about feeling old, wow. Can I really be old enough to have a child is age? He is going to be 18 years old in March, 7 months away ! sigh.

Okay here is my Stepdaughter L. She went off to school this morning as a 7th grader ! I'm so happy for her. She was excited because not only is she going to 7th grade and growing up into such a wonderful loving young woman with a marvelous heart ! She is old enough to wear make-up ! Talk about a huge milestone in a girls life. Now I'm not talking full on make-up, but enough to get her started ! She got to pick out the choices and we decided it was time for her to get a compact of face powder to help cover those darn little pimples that like to pop up on our menstruating chins, a nice pink frosty lip gloss and some brown mascara with a rotating wand ! Talk about fancy ! Or lazy...which ever way you look at it. haha ! Is that glass half full, or half empty ? I always goes with half full.

My little diva girl ! K is going into the 5th grade. She is breaking my heart. I told her yesterday to stop growing. She isn't allowed to have another bite to eat , in hopes that it stops her growth ! Haha, I am a tad bit sad that my little pretty princess is in the 5th grade. It means so many things but a few of them are this. 1. It is the last year of elementary school. 2. There are mean girls in junior high school. 3. I can't protect her like I can when she's at elementary school. (I already know if I step foot on the junior high campus next year, my sweet little girl will absolutely die of embarrassment.) No lie and that would just be tragic, wouldn't it? So with a heavy heart I took her to her 5th grade classroom this morning, hiding my teary eyes behind my sunglasses and said goodbye. This year is going to fly by, I know it.
Now for the little man, my stepson. He was thrilled beyond belief that he was no longer in Kindergarten. He was now in 1st grade and he is beyond excited ! I took him to his classroom this morning too. Elementary students love and adore having their mom's and dads at school with them. They are actually proud of us ! They do not get mad at us, and give us those dirty looks that seem like they will just die right there on the spot. Nope, no way ! Instead they take us by the hand and show us their little desks with THEIR name written on the tag. They take us to meet their teacher, they show us their sign in sheet were they write their name on . They even want us to participate in circle time with them. They even want us to sing and do the hand movements ! Imagine that. Well my friend it goes by fast and then they want NOTHING to do with you so cherish it and eat it up. Don't take it for granted, one moment.Oh and by the way when I picked him up from the bus stop after school was over....he shared with me that his teacher has a mouse in her classroom. OH and NO it doesn't live in a cage ! Ekes ! Boys find that interesting, fun and cool.
This is the last picture , here you will see that my middle Son A is in it. He was at morning football practice. So in the other pictures I didn't get a picture of him by himself . I was sad when I realized this. A is going into his first year of High school. It was an exciting morning for him but a bit dampened because the evening before at football practice he hurt his thumb pretty bad. This morning when he awoke, it was huge. Swollen three times its size and all black/blue from bruising. So yesterday after a very long day of school festivities, I had to pack up the van with the kids and take A to the dr. to have his thumb checked and x rayed. Well we still do not know if the thumb is broke or sprained. But he did have it x rayed. Hopefully the physician that reads x rays will be calling us to let us know what's up with it and what we do from there. In the mean time, they did give him a splint to immobilize the thumb and he has a follow up apt on Thursday. So we'll see. While he is waiting for those things to happen, he is out of football until further notice. So very sad. This always happens every year it's one of the boys. This year so far, it's him who is the lucky one. Football is dangerous, I'm telling you ! I hate it so bad. If it was up to me they wouldn't play. They would be doing something that is much safer that wouldn't hurt them. I mean after all the heartache and pain I endured to create them within my tummy, all the vomiting I did ! I want to keep them the beautiful little people that are perfect without flaws. IS that wrong? I'm a mom.

Party time for Mommy ~! LOL !!!


  1. Stopping by from SITS to say hello. I'm going to stick around if you don't mind. I always enjoy finding other moms in California. Saw that you guys went to Great America a couple of weeks ago. Did the kids go on Invertigo? Can't imagine being stuck up there for four hours!

    Enjoy your time, now that your kids are back in school. I've still got a couple more weeks til school starts around here. I hope your son's thumb is okay!

  2. Looks like quite a bundle of blessings you have there Tami! Enjoy every moment. I'm a 'mom' to none yet as we are now trying to conceive, but I have six wonderful step-children!