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Monday, June 27, 2011

Back yard fun way back when!

I came across this pictures of some good ole' family backyard fun and thought this was such a blast that I would share it with all of my blog readers ! Yes all my 6 followers ! However I dream big..someday I'll have many readers to go with my faithful 6 ! 
Anyway, the story behind these super fun pictures of Jousting !
Well It was our oldest son's 16th birthday. I decided to throw him a surprise birthday party ! So I rented a boxing ring with huge boxing gloves. So big they were Cartoonish!

Then, we also rented this jousting ring ! The object of the game is to push your opposing opponent out of the ring or they drop their jousting pole. I don't recall anyone dropping the HUGE jousting pole though.
After all of our oldest son's company of other sixteen year old friends moved the party else where, I think it carried over to our local Mexican food place we all love and then to the bowling alley.
That's when the rest of us decided to go outside and have some family fun time. Which was awesome. I'd totally recommend doing a rental of either of these two games for any type of family fun. Whether it's for a big group or just your small family. It was so worth it. We had a blast.
It was left at our home until the following morning and I know we got our money worth. Later that evening the middle son invited friends over and had another impromptu party of 13 year old's ! So we had a total of 3 parties in a 15 hour time period ! So worth the price.
*Not sure why I do not have pictures of the wee one's having their fun turns on the jousting or boxing arena's ! I was probably too worried someone was going to get hurt or fall off the side, to take any pictures !*

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