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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day #4 A picture of your night .

A picture of our night !
Yep, I'm behind on the 30 day challenge but it's for fun so I threw out the due date ~ That's how I roll. Why have a deadline for fun...it's summertime.
I had to leave a note to make sure all the family would be here. If I don't then everyone seems to make their own plans which leaves hubby & I alone again. Which isn't bad but there are many nights we're left wondering why the kids don't want to join us! Then we remember "Oh yeah," we so aren't cool anymore ~ We do not even know what the top 100 songs on the radio are, nor do we care ~ Yep that's why.* fun pictures of our evening*
we grabbed pillows & blankets ~Even Snuggies ~
we popped popcorn ~ extra butter ~
Momma  grabbed her favorite wine- it's  the Arbor mist in many yummy flavors.

 then because I  was so happy , I went into the kitchen and whipped up this fantastic movie night cake for my family! Seriously you don't believe that do you? Oh you couldn't have because you all know that I do not have a daughter named maddie, Do I?  LOL :) No, I didn't ~ Just kidding ~


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