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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's all in a Day's Work ~ Or fun !!!

I enjoy going to garage sales on the weekends. I love going to the flea markets, or open air markets (which ever they might be called in your area.) I love going to Thrift Stores and consignment shops  ~ I enjoy the thrill of the hunt, Finding an antique that is priced very low, Collecting Vintage items that My Grandmother had when I was little.

  1. *in this picture above is some of the wonderful items I found while going to garage sales on Saturday  ~ I found,
  2. a cute little basket that I will use as a project basket or something around the house.
  3. the metal circular tin ring is a cover for pie crusts rims while baking. This makes it so the crust top doesn't burn.
  4. The little glass dish is a vintage candy dish. I love it. They  can be used for lots of different things. Bathroom soaps,nightstand for earrings &  jewelry,watches and what not. 
  5. to the right hand side of pic. is computer decorated papers in packets of 50 pieces. I love these . You can use it for stationary, for invitations, and Christmas card letters.
6.the gem of the days hunt...was the wooden spinals in the front of picture. These babies are for holding spinals of yarn. they used to be wound on the spindles and hung in the shops so you could purchase the amount of yarn you wanted . The cone shaped one with the groves. The yarn was shipped to the stores on these. *Or so I was told*. I love these wooden pieces. I am going to use them just to display in my home. I love the feel of them and the look of them. Knowing what they are just makes me happy and they are great conversation starters !   

Not everyone enjoys these kinds of places to shop. To me it just makes it better for me. More for me to see and look over in case I want to buy ~ I love purchasing items that are second hand but are still in stores for sale and I am able to get that said item for mere fractions of the original retail price ! What a steal, what a deal. To me everything , well just about everything can be sterilized and cleaned , right? Now the items that couldn't I wouldn't purchase.

  1. Okay here is the other side- 
  2. the candy dish
  3. a great autobiography I am looking forward to reading
  4. some great fabrics. 
  1.  a great cutting board I couldn't pass up for 2$. wow 
  2. a Christmas cookbook from gooseberry patch. love them.
  3. take a look at this pattern below...a vintage pattern. It has the price on it as $.40 cents. can you believe that. Super cool.
 then I purchased the Elvis movie collection for my son's girlfriend. She is into the "old classic" Movie stars. and Loves Elvis. So Got these for her for a few bucks. She loves them !

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