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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Boy who loves Animals

My son loves animals ~ from the time he began talking ! Instead of Mama,Dada, or baba...it was Dogggg ,doggg,dog.  At the age of 7months. I even believe that it just might have been he very first word. Although I do think dada was first but it was said and then quickly forgotten. Even mama was said,and not again .* well okay he did scream mamamamama each and every morning when he wanted out of his crib ! heehee
However his absolute favorite choice of words to say, you guessed it. It was Dog. He even wanted to call our Cat, dog! We didn't have a dog when our second child was born. We had discovered that a dog and a child was just too much work for a young family on the go and working full time/ and going to college.(yes that was our life when firsts baby boy came into our world) ! So, yes we did find a home for our Labrador at the time.Thankfully he was adopted by a loving family who was so excited to take him. Yeah for all sides involved. 
We knew he would want a dog someday~ But we didn't want to add anymore commotion to the family. Much less, having to take care of, to feed, to clean etc.. I am not a animal person ...not really. Not all gooey and sappy ! Some people are and I respect that. I do love our dogs but I do not think of them as family members . ( I mean no disrespect at all to those of you who might read this and you do think of your animal as your child. or family member) I have a lot of family in my life that do think this way of their animals and who knows maybe someday I will. When My kids are all grown up and I want to baby someone ! Well be sides my husband ! LOL
 okay back to the my second baby boy and his obsession love for dogs ! From the time he did begin speaking full sentences each week we heard..."Please,Can I have a dog? Come on, please" Now this wasn't said no time each week. No, way ! It was repeated over and over like a chant ! It was on a recording just ready to fray my nerves. Oh Baby #2 was good at this type of interrogation that can make mom crack and say "yes" to anything just about ! Fast forward , when son#2 was almost turning 5 his great grandmother (who knew I didn't want a dog,who knew how much son wanted a dog). Decided that she could not keep her dog that was 2 yrs old and recently given to her. This beautiful dachshund was known to get under and beneath the legs of it's owners and there for causing said elderly owners to trip up and sometimes fall. What a perfect owner for this cute little  doggie, yep...my son ! Great Grandmother made this decision and called us over for a dinner. We eagerly came, of course Great Grannie makes good fried chicken and buttermilk biscuits
!. I know you guys are saying the dog in these pictures are not a dachshund. I know you are right, so hang in there. Here is a picture of our beloved  ROXI GIRL(aka:dachshund)*photo to follow*This was the doggie that would be come our beloved animal that was even a house dog ~ Big step for momma because I never wanted to have inside house dogs. *Which also later on I even decided to have my own dog, yeah what's up with that? I brought home the cutest little 1/2 lb baby girl teacup yorkie ! She is a doll baby. She is spoiled even. We love both of our families doggies. 
Now with the pictures in  this blog ! My middle child, boy baby #2. Due to his love of animals he is always wanting to add another animal or pet of some kind to our home. He has been an owner to Lizards, a bearded dragon that he still owns, beautiful birds that lived their life spans, pet rats that also lived out their 5 years of life ! Even a snake, and a cat ! So he never stops wanting more pets ~ Any kind just about will do. Most of all he wants dogs ! I have no doubt when he grows up he will have quite a few. He is a great dog owner and is responsible for the pets so I can't say he  isn't. He even will save his allowance,birthday money etc so that he can go to the pet store and let his doggy pick out a treat, or a new toy ! He has done this more than once. It's often and don't tell him but so darn cute ! I love his sweet caring heart for animals~
Well he also is known for bringing home strays~
He was outside one afternoon in the winter (we are in California, so winter here is really no big deal) No jacket needed on this day even. So it wasn't cold. He was out playing in our neighborhood. Soon comes in the house with the little big dog ! Of course having NO doubt we are going to say "sure honey you can keep her !doggie,and feed her. Let her have a sleep over with her new found boy ~ i explained to him tomorrow we had to take her to the vet because I was sure she was someones dog , and they were missing her. I took many pictures of the two of them because they were so darn cute. They were bonding ! Adorable :)  The next morning we went to the vet and sure enough, the little girl was lost. She was micro-chipped and her owner quickly came to the vet's office to pick her up. Of course son had to wait there to meet her owner and hear all about the great escape! This was just one of the many lost animals who have came home with son and had a sleepover until son and I could take them to the vet and find their owner. I always tell the vet (we know them good) that if the owner is not found do not tell my child. He thinks he and everyone of "His" rescue animals were given back to their owners. I wanted to leave it that way until, he was older. My son is a wonderful Boy, who is growing up into a wonderful Man. He is caring and loving and so good hearted. Always wanting to make sure that each and every animal in the world has a good home to lay down in at night with good dog food to eat , and hopefully a good boy of their own to love.

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