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Friday, July 1, 2011

Today I am...

Today I Am:

Vowing To:
tell my kids, husband, parents/in-laws/family how important they are to me and that I love them every time I speak to them.
You never know when you will not have that chance again. Life is so precious.

Working On:
Journaling of course, knitting my winter  sock booties and my chunky slip on socks , a pair off socks for my mother in law, and scarfs for some others!
Oh and cleaning everyone's closet out, so we can fit the Christmas presents somewhere.
Excited About:
Christmas Vacation...did I  tell you that already ! Can you tell I'm excited? Just Christmas in general ! I do love the lights, the joy,and the  atmosphere that the Christmas season creates.
I am taking tons of photos of the kids just because they grow up so darn fast ! Although they do not want pictures taken at all and I have toBeg, and BRIBE them , hold them down and threaten them.  just ask them nicely to let their mom take their photo because they are beautiful and I love them. WORKS EVERY TIME ! Haha
Now that Fall is coming to a close and winter is setting in, it's time for all things cozy. Warm fluffy blankets, hot cocoa, soft snuggly jammies for everyone, and of course nice big stuffed pillows ! What is better than sitting the family down in the winter time for a family movie or game night? We used to do this at least once a week when the kids were younger, now with them having much busier social agendas then hubby and I have, it isn't that often we can enjoy this family night but when we do we sure enjoy it ! So, be sure to plan your own Family home movie night with lots of fun snacks.

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