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Monday, February 9, 2009

Valentine's Day is Comming !

Sweet sweet Valentine's Day ! I absolutley adore Valentine's day ~ it is a holiday that really has no hold over us like Christmas, or Thanksgiving. The beauty is we can celebrate it, embrace it , or we can casually forget about it. Throw if off as a child's holiday and not be deamed unValentine's day worthy. We can throw elaborate celebrations for our loved ones, be helpers at our childrens school classroom parties, make pretty valentine cards, beautiful dinners , all in celebration of our love for those in our lives ~ However, if we do not want to do anything at all, that is okay too ~

For me, I have always tried to show those I love my heartfelt love for them on valentines day. If my parents lived closer to me, I'd probably have them over to share in our dinner celebration too! However they live a few hours away and Sometimes I will send them a nice valentines day card ! If I don't that's okay too, which is the beauty of this particular holiday.

Like I was saying on Valentines day, I enjoy giving a small gift to all of our children. To show them how much we love them. It isn't anything fancy by any means. Usually some type of candy that is given at dinner , set aside their plate to make the table scape beautiful ! Sometimes i've made them little love letter cards, but now that they are getting older, I think it embrasses the boys, so I've stopped doing that :) Sometimes, I've given them gift certificates for a ice cream cone at baskin robbins, a mcdonalds gift card, or something like this depending on our fiances at the time. No matter what it is some small gesture to show them that they are valued, loved and cared for ! Now I also know they still know this even if I didn't give them a material object, but by giving the little something as a surprise, sure ,makes it more exciting !

I never tend to expect anything for valentines day. Only because I know what our bank account balance is and I wouldn't want my dear sweet husband to feel that because it is a national holiday he has to rush out and purchase me some type of heart necklace, diamond earring studs, a fancy diamond tennis bracelt etc. Of course like any girl, I love fancy gifts, jewelery and shinny presents, but I think it's silly to think that you must go buy the one you love an expensive gift on this particular day because it is a holiday ! Almost like if you didn't then you don't love that person enough. My husband loves me more each and everyday more than yesterday. I know this and believe it because he tells me so ! There isn't a day that goes by that his sweet smile, twinkling eyes, and warm body do not give me happiness, and love ! He is everything to me, my beginning and my end. He will be there for me althrough our lives and many many valentines to come. It doesn't have to be one particular day for him to express his love for me, he does it each and every day, as I do for him.

This valentine's day, don't get your heart set that you will be given those diamonds, pearls, or other fancy expensive gifts from your loved one. Know that in your heart if they could get those extras for you , they probably more than likely would, because it would be fun ! However, it isn't neccessary to purchase extravagant gifts to show someone you love them. Anything little , for appreciation is the ticket. It can be purchased, made, or shown. Love your loved ones, join together to celebrate your family,. your loved ones, your life, your happiness and your joy ! Celebrate Valentines day, knowing you are lucky to have your valentine's in your life !

Here is a sweet poem: (If nothing else, copy it out on beautiful paper and shareit with your valentine )
Be my Valentine, my love,As I will be for you,And we will love the whole day long,And love our whole lives through.
For love has no parametersAnd does not end with time,But is the gift of paradise,A pinch of the sublime.
So let us take this holidayTo resubmit our loveTo those within that know no sinAnd with the angels move.

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