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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Spring Break Vacation

Oh my we had the best vacation ever ! No we didn't go to any place fancy, nor expensive, nor very far away ! We went on a camping trip by the ocean. It was too a place that is so beautiful and relaxing. It was an hour and a half away from our home. We never even knew of this particular campground or beach area. Some friends of ours told us about it and suggested that we take the kids. Well we decided to do it during the kids spring break from school. We took all the kids and I was very happy that our 17 yr old indulged his mother and joined us on the trip - instead of doing something with his friends like he usually does on spring break. It was hard for him to be away from friends, girlfriend,computer,etc. So i was a very happy mom that had all my chicks in my wing so to speak !
The campground was goregous , nestled in the pinetrees and every thing green and freshly budding with spring goodness ! a little bit down from our camping spot you hike down to the ocean beach. It isn't a far walk and it's beautiful. The beach is so clean with white soft sand that goes for miles. There is no "muck" on the beach. Just sand and the regular beach stuff you find normally. Then the water ! well it's ocean, it's the pacific ocean and it's freezing cold.
However the kids swam in the water each and every day ! We had all 4 seasons of weather during our trip and it was cool. Even on the rainy day. We all huddled in the tent watching movies on our computer. It was a major campout sleepover ! It had been awhile since we've had that much fun and family bonding time. The men (hubby & boys) did all the cooking and us girls relaxed ! We all took long walks on the beach, collected shells, drew in the sand. Made lots of colored pictures , napped, read our books by lantern light at night, had campfires and made smores ! It was the best vacation we've had in years ! We have vowed to do alot more camping this summer at this particular spot !
So now I'm back trying to make the vacation "mood/mindset" last longer ! Although I am tackling the mound of dirty wet laundry and it's slowly dwindling down ! Happy Easter everyone~!

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