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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

wow, I've been away awhile !

Okay, So I've been bad, lazy and just not wanting to blog ! I've been amazed at all the blogs I read daily and just love them. I want my blog to be like theirs ! I have jealousy issue's over other's blogs ! haha. It's true I do ! So from there I'll just begin blogging again and hope, pray, Um, bribe ! Yep I'm not past bribing others to stop by here and read what I have to say, because after all, it's important right? Of course it is. How else will you know how to do things, learn things, be a mom to 5 and a wife to one stubborn man ? Your right you will learn it all here ! With the help of me !

  • So many things have happened with in the last two months. I'll begin with saying "CONGRATULATIONS" To our middle son AJ. He graduated from 8th grade ! Yipee. now we have one entering high school as a freshman, one going to be a senior , so we'll have another big graduation next year to celebrate !

  • We also enjoyed a Great trip to the water park last week and enjoyed the day riding the waterslides, lazily floating down the lazy river, riding the waves in the wave pool and sipping huge cups of hawiian shaved ice of lots of different flavors !

  • My dad and stepmom came down to visit and my daughter was lucky enough to spend 4 days on a vacation trip with them. They took her to Santa Cruz for two days where she had a blast, riding all the beach boardwalk rides and eating all the fun carnival type foods ! They then ended both days there playing in the huge arcade where I think my dad had to take out a second mortgage to cover their video game playing ! Haha

  • I've also been spending alot of my time enjoying the kids being home and me not having to get out of the bed at the crack of dawn ! My knitting habit has been accomplished and actually turning out objects that are useable, wearable and enjoyable ! I've knitted a great felt bag that I adore, a sweet pair of socks, the first ones I've made, and I am still working on my cardigan that I call "down by the Sea" it recieved that name because of it's blueish /green color that clearly reminds me of the ocean !

  • I've also had pure pleasure of all the fruits we have around us here in california. My sister in law canned lots of jams. Apricots, Blueberries, Blackberries, strawberries, also cherry ! They turned out amazing and delicous. I am lucky to have a nice stash in my cabinet now. I contributed to the project by giving her the fruits , so I was recipicated with jams and syrups ! Gotta love that.

  • I've been madly baking and just relaxing in my kitchen. This gives me sure pure joy that I love. I love making something out of different ingredients and putting it all together to make a delicous dessert, a yummy dinner or something sweet for breakfast that goes great with coffee ! I'll post some of the beautiful cakes that I've made.

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