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Sunday, August 9, 2009

A boy and His Dog !

It all began last Christmas when my middle man's Doggie received this "Canine Cookie Mix"In his Doggie Christmas stocking. He has wanted to make it ever since but every single time he asked to make the doggie treats it just wasn't the "right" time. Either we didn't have enough time or I wasn't ready to help. So finally when Son asked if he could make them, I agreed that it was a perfect summer day (to hot to be outside) to make the doggie treats. I don't dread having the oven on in the summer, because when I'm in a cooking/baking mood I just crank on the A/C and let it take a chill over the entire house. It can be so chilly in our home on a summer day that it isn't uncommon to see my kids huddled under blankets watching a movie on the couches, playing a board game while trying to stay covered up, or crawling under their covers on the beds to read a book ! *I'm just saying* Blushing here. Honestly it's true- wasteful I know, but true. What can I say, I love to cook/and bake and I hate to be hot. LOLOkay back to Son's cooking adventure to make the doggie treats ! So here is the picture above of the box of doggie cookie mix. My son explained to me that he wanted to do this project all by himself. I said okay, that was fine but if he needed help I'd be there to help him. I just stood there, and took pictures. Oh and i did have to explain to him why adding more flour to the dough mixture would make it easier to roll out and cut with cookie cutters. Here he is concentrating really hard.Finally he was able to get the dough to the right texture to roll it out and cut it with the cookie cutters. I don't make alot of cut out cookies so my options of cookie cutters were limited. His choices were only Christmas, Halloween, or Easter. So he choice to use the Easter Carrot Cookie cutter. I guess it makes sense , dogs love veggies after all ! More so than a Santa claus or Easter Bunny. Here is the picture of My son and His very best friend ! He received his doggie when he was 5 years old. His dog was 2 years old at that time. He is now 14 and the doggie is 11 years old. It is going to be a very sad day when his best friend isn't here anymore. I pray it doesn't happen for a very long time. Anywhere he goes his dog goes too. (Except school and football practice.) But on the weekend if he is outside playing, his dog is outside with him. It's so cute to watch the two of them together. They are truly best friends. I love watching the two of them sleeping , it is the sweetest thing.

Okay back to the story of these doggie treats.....Finally, Son got the cookies into the oven and baked them. He made a whole bunch of them. About 4 dozen total ! WOWOZA ! The funny thing was that after son made all these little doggie treats the dogs loved them so much and son kept feeding them the treats. Even after I explained to him that they would get sick belly's from the snacks, just like people do if they eat too much candy or treats ! Well I guess son didn't hear me...because......The next morning, My little yorkie not pictured had the worse stomach upset. Along with Potty & bad vomiting. So I tossed ALL those little leftover doggie treats right into the trash can ! Needless to say, We finally baked the dog treats ! They no longer loom at me from with in the pantry shelf and I am no longer consumed with guilt each and every time I see them. They have been cookied and memories were made ! It is amazing all the little simple things that make up our memories of our childhood and memories of raising our children.


  1. That's a cute picture of the Son and his dog. There is nothing closer sometimes than a boy with his dog. My brother is in his 30's and nothing gets him more "softy" than when he is just hangin' with his dog. Nice post. Dropping in from SITS. Have a great week!

    My best, Lynn