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Sunday, August 9, 2009

I wanna make pizza !

Little one wanted to make pizza the other day. So I helped her gather all of her ingredients that her little pampered chef "Kids Cook" recipe book said she needed.

She made her pepperoni pizza on flat flour tortilla's, topped them with pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese and finally pepperoni slices ! She was very proud of herself at this point and was excited to pop them into the oven. What Makes me smile looking at these pictures is her stuffed kola bear sporting a pair of pink shorts and a white & Pink tank top,sitting there on the counter watching her owner cooking ! So cute, someday I'll be able to show little one this blog and how darn cute and independent she was ! She is 10 now. Here is the pizza ready to go into the oven . She can't wait to eat it ! When it came out of the oven she served me a plate of pizza triangles that she cut up with the pizza cutter , and then cut herself one up and placed it on her plate. She set the table for both of us to have a nice little pizza lunch ! We were so hungry and excited it was done that I forgot to take anymore pictures, darn it. I would have loved to have the final one of her taking a bite of her masterpiece ! She said she loves to cook now. How cute is that? My little girl is going to be a great wife/mommy/woman one day and I'm helping to shape that each and everyday !

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  1. :-) She's just too adorable! And her pizzas look so awesome that I think this pregnant lady might have to make some here. Yum!