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Friday, September 30, 2011

Fall is slowly making it's appearance !

It's slowly beginning to feel like fall around here. Usually it's the cooler crisp air in the morning that tends to begin that "Fall like" feel ! Then the days are slowly getting shorter. The kids start back to school in tee's and shorts, then begin to add the hoodie in the mornings and come home with it around their waist, or stuffed in the back pack if it will fit.  As their clothes choices begin to change it's a slow acknowledge that before we know it, they will pull out the long pants, sweaters,hoodies,and socks ! Then we roll into winter...but lets not get ahead of ourselves. Back up to fall.
I begin to want to turn on the oven and start baking all the goodies I've held off making through the summer. Our summers are just way too hot to use the oven. We tend to be around 90/95/100 degrees through most of the summer. With slight changes, but still turning on the oven unless it's a special occasion  just doesn't happen here at fort Hass. *we are a Military Family*
I have started gathering up my "recipes" that I am wanting to make soon. On my list this week is Nelly's & Joe's Key Lime Pie!  click here to visit their page. 

The Recipe for the Key Lime Pie, is right on the side of the bottle. It's super easy & Fast to Make. It turns out perfect each and every time I have made it. If you give it a try come back and share with me what you think ! I think if you love key lime, this is going to become a family favorite for your family like it is for mine.